Yvonne is an International Relocation & Mindset Coach who has utilised Vickie Lea's consultancy to launch and prepare her business. She spent time with Vickie Lea mapping out where she wanted to go and together they created a strategy that Yvonne was comfortable with. Vickie Lea has been there supporting Yvonne from the moment she enrolled in her Coaching Diploma in New Zealand through to her launching YMR Coaching & Development in the UK.

Photo of Gavin Ryan - WECM

As a financial guy, I did not really understand all the stuff about emotional intelligence, psychology and branding. What an eye opener. She could read all my body language, like Tim Roth in that TV series "Lie to me". And the insights she gave me on branding and presenting yourself was illuminating.

Gavin Ryan

WECM - Private Equity Consulting and Training

Photo of David Sparkes Gruff Stuff

Working with Vickie, I have been able to develop my future vision for my brand and deliver effective strategies. I feel totally prepared to make confident decisions and effectively communicate my passion to the world.

David Sparkes

Founder & Managing Director

Photo of Adrian Bull National Nuclear Laboratory

I’ve known Vickie for some time and she’s at the very top of the tree when it comes to communication, coaching and mentoring or generally taking an objective impartial look at an organisation and its behaviours and spotting what needs to change.

Adrian Bull MBE

Director of External Relations
National Nuclear Laboratory