Vickie Lea:
The full story

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Who is Vickie lea?

Vickie Lea is neurodiverse, kind and funny, Master’s degree educated, speaker, author, university lecturer, adventurous, a world traveller, an explorer of thinking, writer, constantly learning, passionate about injustice and has a deep-seated core for helping others.  She is dyslexic, an exhibited abstract artist, inspirational when all seems lost, sees the best in others, she is intelligent and often fearless.

Vickie Lea was born in the Australian outback in a small red dust town and she lived and learnt to swim at Bondi, travelled to over 50 countries and brought up her own family on different continents thus her tough nature, her understanding of cultural dimensions, her flexible approach and her forthright attitude. 

She has helped many from aged 14 to people in their more vintage years. Parents ask her to help with their children's confidence (DBS Certified) to the more senior who ask for help to regain that spark for their business career and home life.

Her approach is not necessarily traditional, yet her methods and procedures are of sustainable value, you get things done and change the way you think.  She writes for the business publisher Bookboon, and her books are for the C Suite with clients such as Lego, Boots, Deloitte, Sainsbury, Kraft and other corporates.

She is a qualified Strategic Business Analyst with expertise in Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Dimensions.  Some of her qualifications are listed below.


Chartered Management Institute / Institute of Consulting

Vickie Lea is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting (FIC).  The Institute of Consulting (IC) is the professional body for Consultants and Business Advisers in the United Kingdom. The IC is an organisation within the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). 

As a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, you can be assured that Vickie Lea is suitably qualified.  This is the highest accolade, demonstrating a significant contribution to the profession, she is a Senior Advisor. This accolade shows her leadership and decision-making skills make a difference in the profession and qualify her to coach and mentor Consultants with lesser experience.

Diploma in Professional Management Consulting (equivalent to Masters)

Vickie Lea holds a Level 7 Diploma in Professional Management Consulting (DipMC)from the IC. Qualifiers her in Organisational Behaviour and Culture, In-depth Analysis and Diagnosis, Managing Consultancy Interventions, Change Management, Strategy, Leadership as well as Coaching and Mentoring

Executive Master's in Business Administration MBA (AMBA accredited)

Vickie Lea graduated in 2013 and excelled in the areas of Leadership and Change, Management Consultancy and Critical Analysis - attaining the Dean's List.  This Executive MBA was over 2000 hours of face to face teaching and study.

Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communication and Human Relations, Leadership and Assertiveness Training, Impact Presentations, Diplomacy

These Dale Carnegie courses are famed for their worldwide reputation and recognition of excellence in business and relationships.  Vickie Lea undertook intensive courses in Effective Communication, Human Relations, Assertiveness Training, Leadership and Diplomacy.