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Know It - Pursue It - Stand Absolutely Solid

Vickie Lea is a Consultant & UK University Lecture who has a clear and simple mission to inspire others to learn, fulfil their potential and stand solid in their decisions.  

Similar to the Renaissance masterpiece, the Astronomical Clock, it is made up of the combined pieces all coming together in pure excellence of one mechanism, that is just like you.  Vickie Lea is passionate about Combined Coaching & Learning in her Consultancy, where you, your relationships and your businesses are all in alignment. Each component makes up the mechanism of a successful personal and professional life.

By engaging with Vickie Lea SaS Consultancy you are engaging with someone who has won business awards, qualified with two Masters in Business & Consultancy, a Business Author, PHD Event Judge and an Expert Speaker as well as a University Lecturer.  Vickie Lea designs systems, strategies and processes with you so you can upscale your thinking, your relationships, your career and your business. You choose if you wish to work on a component or the whole mechanism and Vickie Lea will tailor a programme to suit you. Vickie Lea lectures for the Master Programmes in Leadership, Organisational Behaviour and Innovative Problem Solving.  Her role is to serve you to help you make quality personal and professional decisions.

"If I am valued then I am motivated to repeat the action that makes me valuable.  There is such joy in seeing clients happy in themselves, their relationships and their business"    Vickie Lea

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Helping You and Others Reach Their Goals

Audience Keynote Speaking Great Content


Let Vickie Lea help you deliver great content that will have attendees ready to take action. She will generate an impactful buzz with a talk that will be completely customised for you and your audience.


Vickie Lea is skilled and she knows how to inspire when you don't feel it.  With a focus on facing challenges yet being innovative, you will be fully engaged throughout your session & upscale your thinking.


Young entrepreneurs benefit from having a safe space to ask questions, to explore, to make mistakes and to learn how to find new opportunities.   

Vickie Lea believes it is vital we give to others and offers a year of her consultancy to one young entrepreneur each year. 

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