Individual Coaching

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The aim of your tailored individual programme is for you to stand absolutely solid in your decision making be it coaching you to maintain focus, emotional intelligence and leadership, communication with colleagues and businesses, creative and critical thinking, unconscious bias, virtual presentations or emotionally charged conversations. Your programme can be focused on personal or professional relationships, virtual body language, giving feedback virtually or what customers need as well as addressing your anxiety issues.

It will be driven by in-depth discovery consultation, one to one virtual time, at home study material or tasks and follow up contact between sessions. It is accurately focused, and it is tailored to meet your requirements.


You, someone who wants to be highly focused on their required outcome and on analysing their values, changing their thinking thus changing the outcomes with the least amount of disruption and at a pace you are comfortable with. You are seeking a job promotion, award competition, anxiety is freezing you to not fulfilling your potential, you desire relationships both personal and professional to be more optimum, you know something just isn't working and you want to change it.

Someone who wants to move past their old results and old reactions and be full of inspiration, innovation and have practical help in getting things done the way they dreamed of and learn tools that are sustainable for life.


Peter & Aki

Two well travelled professionals with degrees in engineering. Aki was encouraged by Vickie Lea Consultancy to engage in an MBA and further her career which she has done. When couples have high level careers as well as study and other committments it can place a strain our personal and professional relationships. Learning how to communicate, feedback and listen can be an advantage in all relationships as well as a fantastic tool to use in negotiations.


Since working with Vickie Lea, Roopa won the Face of India UK, held BBC radio interviews, received more modelling assignments and was offered a substantial promotion at work as well as becoming an Ambassador for The Last Wish Foundation.

In other words she is now getting paid for what she loves doing and helping others along the way.


  • instantly feel at ease with Vickie Lea

  • utilise her broad experience

  • see her convert complex situations into simple effective solutions

  • gain value

  • and even enjoy the process

Akanksha Sharma
Business Development Manager - Schneider Electric


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