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This programme has been developed to be tailored to your needs. You will engage in mapping out your plan and how to get there by doing what is essential and remove the unwanted junk.

Additionally, you will work with Vickie Lea to create a framework where your previous unseen behaviours will be evident to you. This is discovered through utilising Vickie Lea's own Models such as the Boardroom and Assurance Models as well as other more traditional Models. You will understand your own emotional intelligence and how to upscale your thinking, perhaps you will create a Value Proposition on yourself or prepare for that higher-level role. Vickie Lea will be your Master's degree qualified, confidential, sounding board who understands life, relationships and the business world all in order to support you in your decision making.


You, someone who is focused on getting an innovate edge, wants a higher-level thinking and a more functional leadership style, someone who requires a superior EI skills (emotional intelligence management) as well as an enhanced listening expertise or perhaps it can give you a new way of you getting your employees to be invested in change, even from the most lethargic member.

Someone who can engage in an in-depth discovery consultation, one to one virtual time, complete at work/home study material and task lists. This programme is for someone who is able to work with a forthright consultant who wants to bring out the absolute best in you.



Self assessment is a healthy tool and to engage a professional to help with that evaluation and to open up your business world to even more opportunities is to your advantage. Being able to work with a consultant like Vickie Lea who listens and asks the tough questions means that you will go deeper than you have before and you will see results you haven't seen before.

Nevile is a Senior Executive in a Specialist Insurance Sector


In working with Vickie Lea, I recognised the usefulness of self discovery and the advantages that can bring. Learning to use my character traits to an advantage means I do not remove my traits from my career, instead I embrace and understand where those character traits can be engaged to their full capacity.

Andrew is a qualified MBA Consultant in the Telecoms sector


  • instantly feel at ease with Vickie Lea

  • utilise her broad experience

  • see her convert complex situations into simple effective solutions

  • gain value

  • and even enjoy the process

Akanksha Sharma
Business Development Manager - Schneider Electric


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