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This style of coaching combines the THREE MAJOR elements and tailors a programme to suit you. The programme is designed to help you in your personal self-awareness, to aid you in having healthier relationships and be practical in supporting you to create a dynamic career or business whether you are a CEO of an international business or a young entrepreneur starting out.

It can be from mapping out your personal and professional life and helping you identify your end goals and get there to solving immediate strategic issues as well as aiding you to be more creative and move to a higher-level thinking. Vickie Lea will use her own Models such as the Assurance Model, the Boardroom Model as well as more traditional models.

It will be driven by in-depth discovery consultation, one to one virtual time, at work/home study material, follow up contact between sessions, physical and audio books, session reports - it is accurately focused, and it is tailored to meet your requirements.


You, the one who wants to be confident in all your decisions, personal and professional and stand absolutely solid in who you are.

It is for someone who wants to change and for someone who can work well with a Consultant who is authoritative and caring.

It is also for someone who is future thinking yet wants qualified support on how to get to their goals, create their future especially create a dynamic business.

It is for someone who knows they can be more optimum, yet they are anxious or not sure where to start the process.


Kofi - Programme Leader

Kofi wanted to re-establish his career when returning to the UK after a number of years business consulting in Oman. Together we used frameworks, exercises and rebuilt his resilience as well as concentrating where he could add exceptional value as well as honouring himself and his family. Kofi has established a new, profitable consultancy in the sustainability industry.

In other words he is now getting paid for what he loves doing and helping others along the way.

David - The Gruff Stuff

David has passion and he wanted to do things right so he would have the highest level of success. We worked his business from the very roots of a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Risk Register right through to Marketing and beyond to his dream of an Animal Sanctury he will one day create. He took on board all the frameworks, exercises, tasks and acknowledged pain points that he needed to work through.

He now communicates with impact and he is effective in his relationships and his international business which is certainly worthy of all the awards.


  • instantly feel at ease with Vickie Lea

  • utilise her broad experience

  • see her convert complex situations into simple effective solutions

  • gain value

  • and even enjoy the process

Akanksha Sharma
Business Development Manager - Schneider Electric


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